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ECO Setting can be used with nearly any vehicle. Is your vehicle not on the list? Then feel free to contact us. We can determine if we can optimise it for you.

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the computer of the truck –you can view it as the brain of the car. All engine and truck functions are controlled by software in the ECU. All data necessary for managing these functions is saved in the memory chip (EPROM). What we adjust are the ignition maps. In the mappings we tune the parameters to one another,but to a more ideal setting. This results in the engine attaining optimal combustion. These ignition maps regulate the quantity of injected fuel,the duration of the fuel,the torque limiters,the turbo pressure and the ignition moment. By solely optimising the ignition maps of the injection system and calculating the correct injection moment,the fuel will be used optimally and efficiently.

The questions everyone naturally asks is ’why aren’t these optimisations done by the manufacturers themselves?’. Truck manufacturers produce in mass production which can be deployed worldwide and must be able to function worldwide,even in the most hostile environments. Through this mass production it is not possible to offer every customer a customised vehicle,as production costs would skyrocket. Manufacturers also hold to high margins,due to the highly fluctuating fuel and engine oil qualities,as well as bad maintenance regulations. In Europe these are of good quality and are excellently maintained. You can view your ECO Setting as a customised product enabling you to look at the end use of your vehicle,and to optimise this vehicle. Fuel Save Technology Ltd. does this solely for the European market. ECO Setting will not influence the life span of your vehicle,as the software is attuned to the engine in such a fashion that it is not overloaded. Also,at the sign of the slightest deviation,the system will automatically return to default settings. After all,the original software of your vehicle can always be restored.   

No,automata are self-learning and read the software of the engine management. They read the optimisation and adjust accordingly. For example,you will notice that the automat will change gears sooner when running at a low rpm.   

Yes,the original software can be restored at all times. We save the original software in our database,so that should you wish to sell the truck,the software can be reinstalled by ECO Setting.

ECO Setting provides 36 months of software guarantee.    

No,the statement that optimisation is bad for your engine is absolutely untrue. The chips in ECU are loaded with software. These programmes have been written far within the maximum load of the engine in question. The remaining capacity offers the possibility of optimising the engine,without irreparably damaging the engine. Because complete combustion is optimised,this will only benefit your engine. However,it is important that it is done by a reliable supplier,which develops its own software. Fuel Saving Technology Ltd. knows this as no other and develops all of its own software. Our software is safe,developed discretely on the test bench and extensively tested in the field. We could not operate if this entailed risk and have had positive experiences with over 3,500 vehicles.   

No,ECO SETTING is undetectable by the diagnostic equipment used by dealers. The ECU and electronics also show no outward sign. ECO Setting is a certified product by dealers as well,and Fuel Saving Technology Ltd. delivers this service and quality to a diverse number of truck-brand dealers.


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