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ECO Setting in cooperation with the TOP Truck formula.

ECO Setting has a national agreement with the Top Truck Netherlands. This makes ECO Setting both avaliable for sale and practicable in the workplace in all 38 offices.

TopTruck is the formula for the private workshop truck and trailer repair channel. This means that the workshops are specialised in the maintenance and repair of transport equipment,and can be used by all truck and/or trailer owners.

The formula was started 5 years ago in the Netherlands,in cooperation with GroupAuto Nederland. GroupAuto Nederland is the Dutch branch of GroupAuto International,the umbrella and international organisation that works with major OE manufacturers and distributors. AutoGroup is active in 26 countries with,among others,the formulas CarXpert (12V) and TopTruck (24V).

In the past 5 years the network has grown into 38connected and private TopTruck truck and trailer repair shops throughout the Netherlands. The international network is comprised of over 1,000 independent companies that work on all makes and models of both trucks and trailers.

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