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Fuel Saving Technology Ltd. specialises in optimising engine management software for the automotive branch.

ECO Setting is a successful,extensively tested and completely safe method,with which you can save a lot of money on your fuel costs. ECO Setting is a software product customised for every vehicle. It lowers fuel costs,improves vehicle performance and is also environmentally friendly!

Almost all engines are standard fabricated with general settings,in order to be more extensively deployable. By analysing your transport,we can optimally adjust the programme of the engine management (i.e. ECU –Engine Control Unit). This allows your engine to have better combustion. You can look at this as custom-made tuning,specially based on your usage. The result is less fuel consumption,more power,a smoother torque,more torque at lower rpm and also better reaction to the accelerator.

With over eight years of transportation experience,we have built a good reputation and extensive knowledge base.

How do we work?

We have a specialised team of software developers and a worldwide network of engine management programmers. These all work together for us to optimally adjust ECUs for all types of trucks,tractors and vans to give better performances and drive more economically.

We read the current software of the ECU unit and store this in our database. Our ECU software engineers will inspect the software and optimise those areas where optimisation has the most effect on your engine’s performance and thus is most efficient.


  • Step 1 Analysing your fleet one vehicle at a time

We start by analysing your fleet. In most cases,this entails an advisor coming to your location for a joint meeting. Every vehicle is examined for brand,type and engine performance. The weight of the vehicle is an important factor,but we also look at how it is used. For example,is it used more nationally or internationally and is it used for distribution or as a shuttle vehicle?

  • Step 2 Reading,optimising and restore the software

By way of the OBD (diagnostic plug) the mechanics read the original software of the vehicle. This software is saved in the ECU. This process can take several minutes to an hour,depending on the vehicle and type of ECU. The read engine software is transferred to our team of software developers and immediately stored in our database,so that it may be recovered at all times. Because the programmers can make an analysis of every vehicle,they can optimise the software where needed,in order to make a customised software package for the vehicle. After having gone through all the steps and several check ups having been performed,the adjusted software will be restored in the vehicle. 

  • Step 3 Personal guidance of the driver

Aside from all this,we also offer an extra service. Namely,personal guidance of the driver,with the goal of getting the most out of the optimisation. We at ECO Setting find this very important,as the driver has a great deal of influence on fuel consumption. By providing this extra service an even better result can be achieved! 


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