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Is your AdBlue pump or your Nox sensor broken? Driving around with an open exhaust pipe and having problems with the exhaust temperature? And is this giving your problems with the AdBlue system?

We can solve both hardware and software problems for you.

When it comes to hardware,we can offer you the ‘AdBlue Out Box’as a solution. And when it comes to the software,we can deactivate the Adblue system.

  • Deactivating the AdBlue software or installing the AdBlue Out Box is only allowed in countries where the Euro 4 and 5 norm are not legally applicable (only in countries outside the European Union)

By selecting your option below,you can read more about these solutions.

20151110141316Boxje ENGELS SWITCH OFF SOFTWARE ADBLUE in 3d.jpg
Adblue removal in the software
20151110141351Boxje ENGELS SWITCH OF HARDWARE ADBLUE in 3d.jpg
AdBlue Removal Emulators


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